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Zombie Catchers from Two Men and a Dog is an action game for iOS and Android with millions of download hits and free to play option. The gameplay is impressive with interactive features. The simple to play gameplay makes it highly reliable. The goal of this game is to hunt down zombies and progress in the levels.

Even though it is easy to play, you have to spend hours mastering the game and becoming a good game.

Zombie Catchers Tutorial

To get rid of all the issues and progress faster, you can try out the Zombie Catchers tips and go well.

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The below given are seven tips which are easy to follow, and it can help with better earning of resources also.

  1. Throwing brain

After playing this game, you may have learned that zombies are shy and you have to throw brain to bait them. The brain is working as bait, and you can prefer this method to get the zombies out. However, you have to hide quickly and when the zombies come outside, hit them and everything is done.

  1. Distance is crucial

To hide from zombies, you use shades and such other places where zombies can’t see you easily. However, there are many times when you can’t find a place to hide, and it becomes hard to find space. The only method that will work in such cases is distance. You should try to maintain a distance so that zombies can’t attack you directly.

  1. Secondary Weapon

The secondary weapon is playing an important role in the game. When you find zombies that are hard to knock down by a single weapon, you can use a secondary weapon. The heavily armed zombies can be killed by a secondary weapon but you should focus on the right weapon, and everything is done after that.

Zombie Catchers Guide

  1. Local Wildlife

Using a brain as bait is the good thing but make sure to clear out the local wildlife. As you can find that there are so many things in the local and it is always better to kill them out. It can be time-consuming in the beginning, but you can try to clear away everything. Targeting zombies become easier by this method, and it is highly reliable.

  1. Spear Gun

Nothing is better than the upgrades of a weapon, and the highly reliable option is to prefer spear gun. The upgrades will help you making a gun highly advantageous, and you can try out this method without any issue. Make sure that you upgrade the right weapons, and everything is done after that.


  1. Using plutonium 

With the help of plutonium, you are able to upgrade the secondary weapon. It is important because you are using the secondary weapon against the highly armed zombies that are not easy to knock down. Make sure that you spend enough time on the upgrade of weapons and choose the right weapon.

  1. Zombies holding Weapons

The zombies holding weapon can take a swing at you, and it can surely shock you because escaping from such a trap isn’t easy. If you want to progress faster and don’t want to get into any issues then must prefer the weapons that can target zombies. Always be quick while targeting zombies and this method definitely helps you with faster progression.


These are highly reliable tips that are preferred by most of the gamers, and you can try it out to progress faster than other gamers. Make sure that you stay selective while choosing a good weapon to complete the level.

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