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The action games are higher in trend, and if you have fired the Google Play Store and Apple App store in recent times, then you may have seen Xenowerk in the trending category. This game from Pixelbite is definitely one of the best that is winning the hearts of action gamers.

Despite the fact that it is free to play, you still get so many premium features which make the game the best one to try out and it is highly reliable.

Xenowerk Tutorial

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Here, you will learn about some best Xenowerk tips to progress faster and being a good gamer in the nick of time.

  1. Currencies for Upgrades

The coin is the primary currency of the game also called as the gold coins. It plays an impotent role in the upgrades and taking over the opponent. You can earn a good amount by completing quests, missions and daily tasks. You should focus on earning a great amount, and it will ease up the work for you. Make sure that you stay selective in approach and everything is done after that.  Even you should spend all your coins wisely, and you won’t have to worry about a single thing lately.

  1. Clearing Rooms

While moving from one room to another, you can focus on room clearance. Are you wondering that why? Well, it will help take away essentials, step up and obtain the max. It becomes the highly reliable tip to focus on, and you can try it out without any issue. Each room has so many important things that will come in handy to progress well in the game, and you can try it out now. There are no chances that you will be getting into any kind of issue.

  1. Kill Streak

Creating a steak is always good to earn a bonus. You can find that most of the games are offering the streak option where you can kill a good number of enemies and winning in many missions without losing will create a steak. It can provide an additional bonus in term of coins, and you can try it out now without any issue. There is nothing perfect that kill streak, and you can try it out now.


  1. Weapon Combo

The last and the bonus tip for a beginner is to have a weapon combo. It will help you take down an opponent with faster rate, and you can try it in most of the levels without any issue. Due to these reasons, you can focus on it and go well.

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