Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Mod Apk – Unlimited Money & Gems

Wiz Khalifa has many titles that made him popular worldwide, and he is also known for smoking weed. Apart from such factors, you can find that there is a smartphone game released on the same. Wiz Khalifa Weed Farm is one of the popular game that has millions of download hits.

The game is all about growing Weed and earning more money. In other words, you have to focus on getting rich, and it is really easy if you follow all the tips wisely. Make sure that you avoid spending money on the in-app purchases in this idle farming game because that is not a reliable option at all.

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Tutorial

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      1. Earning Gems

Gem is the primary currency of this game, and there are many methods which can help with the earning of a good amount. If you are willing to get a decent amount, then you should focus on growing more weed. By watering the plant and taking care of other factors, you can grow a good amount and earn higher gems.

      1. Automating the Production

The product work requires lots of attention, and If you are not focusing on automation, then it will be a slow work, and you won’t be able to get a big profit. You can try to grow different strains, and it is absolutely easy also.  Keep tapping on your plant is not a reliable option that’s why it is important that you avoid such things. There are many upgrades that are easy to unlock, and you can try them out which will help to earn a big amount and it is absolutely easy to try out.

      1. Time Lapse – Reliable or not

Many gamers try out the time lapse feature which passes the time fast and grows weed at the better rate. With this feature, you will be growing the weed on a faster rate than usual, and the KK grows really fast. Due to such reasons, it is better to try out, and you can rely on it without a single issue. You can rely on this feature but should you use it. Well, you can’t use time lapse for a long time because you have the limited amount of it. In order to go well, you should try it sometimes when there is higher need otherwise avoid the use.


      1. Daily Bonus

If you are logging into this game on a daily basis then you are going to avail more resources. The game offers you a good reward. Even you are playing this game on often basis; you should open it for short burst and must obtain the daily bonus. It can help you obtain a good amount, and it is absolutely easier than other options. You can rely on it so must focus on the daily bonus and such upgrades.

      1. Time to Harvest

You can harvest weed anytime, but you may know that there are some good time periods when you get amazing benefits out of it. You should harvest every 24 hours but make sure that one the sixth plot is open, grow more weed. It is absolutely easy, and you can try it out without a single issue. These are some of the major reasons that you can try it out without a single issue. Make sure that you stay selective in approach. Hope, this guide will be enough to make you progress faster and get rid of all the issues.

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