Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk 2020 Hack – Unlimited Money, High Android, Characters, Tips and Tricks

Weed Farm gained a resounding success in the nick of time on Google Play Store as well as on Apple App Store. You can download this game for absolutely free. And this time, developers are back with the latest installment, better features, and refreshed gameplay. Yes, Weed Firm 2 is available for IOS and Android. And also check for Weed Firm 2 Mod APK to experience the unlimited benefits. You just need a compatible device, and you are ready to go.

But, it isn’t easy to progress faster due to lack of currencies, and it can make you spend all your money on the virtual currencies.

Weed Firm 2 Gameplay Tutorial

To avoid that all, let’s follow the Weed Firm 2 tips that are given below. Make sure that you stay selective in approach while following all.

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Weed Overview

The easy way to promote more weed is to get more customers, and you can do it by smoking with customers. It can lead to more demand. The purpose is similar in this game which can help you get better and earn more resources.

Let’s Smoke with Customers

If you compare it to the real life, you can find pot dealers who don’t smoke, but the same isn’t same as real world. Consuming what you are selling is the vital factor here, and you can’t avoid it in any case. This can help increasing respect meter easily, and it is crucial also.

Grow more Weed to Progress Faster

The more weed you grow, the more you fulfill the demand. The logic is simple and easy to understand but can you grow more just by this tip? Well, you have to use more currencies and maximize the number of pots that you used for weed. The higher pots you have, the easier it become to grow out higher amount. It is definitely easy and the most reliable option that you can choose without any issue.

Importance of Full Respect Meter

Many gamers don’t pay attention to the respect meter thinking that it is just wastage of time but in reality, it is helpful in various manners and it can fulfill your many needs with ease. You may be thinking that smoking with the customer is the only option to get more respect, but there are many other also. Due to all of them, you can manage to full respect meter easily, and it is a highly reliable option. But, the question arrives again that why? In general words, you can ask for better prices in exchange while selling weed.  And, it will help you earn more with ease.

Customized Room

If you don’t know the benefit of customizing a room, then try it out now. It will help by grabbing the attention of more customers and bringing them to your store. But, if you are not doing the customization work, then it is decreasing the respect and causing many other issues. You can follow the basic tip here that you should sign off while closing the game and it will help you keep growing the weed..

Dealing with Aliens

The most typical thing about this game is to deal with aliens. At first glance, you may find it inappropriate that aliens are in a farming game, but you have to focus on dealing with them.  The easy way to deal with an alien is to get changing room key from Dean Crook which can help grow more magic mushroom and getting rid of aliens.

Earning Cash

Earning more cash is an essential part of this mobile title where growing more is always the first and most important thing. The in-app purchases can help here. I hope this Weed Firm 2 guide will be enough to help you with the basics and learning another important thing in this game.

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