5 Ways to Play Mobile Legends for Beginners

Mobile Legends has a large following in India. If you just want to try out this best Android game, Guidesradar has tips and how to play Mobile Legends for beginners, here!

Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is definitely something fun to occupy your free time. In addition to the fairly fast gameplay, you can also practice strategy, focus, etc.

For those of you who just want to try playing Mobile Legends, you will usually run into issues like not being able to determine which items to purchase.

Well, in order to better understand the gameplay and how to play properly, this time I will explain how to play Mobile Legends for beginners.

1. Good connection

Use a 4G connection or a stable WiFi connection. One of the challenges of playing this online multiplayer game is internet connection. However, most beginners don’t mind this.

The first guide to Mobile Legend is to make sure your internet connection is in a stable condition. This is to avoid lag in the game while playing.

Because, the delay in the game can cause you to quit the match, also known as AFK, so you are going to annoy your teammates who are fighting, gang.

For this, it is better not to play when the internet connection is active or inactive, unless you already know how to deal with the lag in Mobile Legends.

2. Master a hero

When you play for the first time, you get a Mobile Legends Beginner Hero which is obtained for free. For example Layla and Miya.

As a new player, of course, you don’t know much about which heroes to try, skills, builds to use, etc.

To overcome this, Moonton created a special learning mode. The mode is the custom mode. It contains 3 additional modes, Classic, Fight, Draft Selection and Practice.

If you are master of a hero, you can try some tricks to choose other heroes from Mobile Legends, for example choose the best hero from Mobile Legends.

3. Configuration of construction elements

If you are proficient in one or more heroes in Mobile Legends, you can define the building elements used in the game.

These parameters are found in the Preparation> Generate menu. Then you can choose the hero for which you want to set the build, the gang.

If you don’t know how to make a Mobile Legend hero suitable for the hero you want to use, you can check out Hot Builds or Pro Builds used by pro players.

4. Display the mini-map

To learn Mobile Legends, next look at the minimap in the upper left corner of the screen. Many newbies have played without seeing the minimap to the point of annoying their teammates.

Players who never pay attention to the minimap may be considered “map blind”. The term in Mobile Legends means that you have never seen a minimap for knowing the position of friends or opponents.

Blind à la carte players also have the potential to be flagged because they don’t care about the state of their friends at war, or they don’t see the turret state when attacked by enemies.

In fact, the minimap only covers a small portion of Land of Dawn and doesn’t offer as wide a range as Mobile Legends’ drone map. However, the minimap is still very useful.

5. Pact with the team

The fastest way to move up the ML leaderboard in solo is to be able to get along with your teammates. Make sure to help each other out, especially during war gangs.

If at the start of the game or (at the start of the game) you play alone, this is of course not a problem. But if you have gone from the middle of the game to the end of the game, cooperation is necessary.

If you’ve entered the game late, as much as possible, don’t play alone without the company of a teammate. Because, the enemy gets stronger and you could be completely defeated.

By playing compactly and without insulting us, your chances of winning will increase. Therefore, you can more easily switch the ranking order in Mobile Legends to Mythical Glory.

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