Toy Blast Mod Apk – Unlimited Coins, Lives, Booster free

The individuals those are interested in playing the arcade or puzzle based games they can choose toy blast. The puzzles are available in the form of matching concept and some other essentials. It is mainly designed for mobile platforms.

Toy Blast Tutorial


For playing it and achieving objectives, you need to make matches with blocks of similar colors. There are various levels featured in the game. You should put lots of efforts into achieving such goals and paying attention to lots of factors. If you want to become a good player, then try to focus on upcoming tips.

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  1. Keep patience

Everyone needs to keep patience when it comes to play the game. There is a specific live system working. Without lives, it does not an easy task to access the levels. The players lose their lives when they become failed in achieving the objectives.

In this particular condition, the players need to wait for a specific time period, and lives get recovered. The game will take around 30 minutes when it comes to re-generate a life.

  1. Get more coins

In the game, coins are the premium currency. With the help of coins, the players are able to work on different types of elements such as – unlock in-game stuff and various other factors. If we talk about the collection of coins, then various ways are available.

You should put efforts into completing levels quickly. Another important way is related to social media connection. You should connect account with Facebook and claim a price of 25 free coins.

  1. Connect with Facebook

In the game, you are able to connect the account with Facebook. There are various benefits associated with this particular connection. The players can access friend list and enjoy it with them. Another benefit is related to lives. You can place a request for getting support in the form of lives.

  1. Go for combos

All players want to clear the levels quickly. It can be possible only by paying attention to the way of matching. For clearing the levels quickly, you should try to consider the way of bigger combinations.


  1. Be careful

If you want to get success quickly, then you need to be focused on the tiles first. There are specific tiles that can be created and used. Use of these ones can help you in several ways such as – eliminate various tiles quickly. Here, you should be careful and explode these tiles wisely.

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