Toon Blast Mod Apk Unlimited Coins, Lives, Boosters for Free

Toon Blast is a casual game and associated with lots of entertaining elements. Mainly it is the arcade based game with the match-3 concept. The players are required to clear various levels. By clearing the levels, they can get success and claim rewards.

Toon Blast Tutorial


For playing the levels, you should have lives. In case you do not have lives then you are not able to access any level. At a time, you can keep the maximum of 5 lives in the account. If you face failure in completing a level, then you lose lives. Following are some ways of getting lives properly.

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  1. Be a part of the team

In the game, you have an option of joining teams. It can help you in getting introduced to some other players and get some game tactics. For accessing the services of such features, you need to reach level 20 first.

With all these things, you can send a request to the team for providing lives. It can help you in skipping the replenishing process and save time a lot.

  1. Consider coins

Coins are the main currency, and the players are able to consider it a way for refilling the lives. For refilling all five lives, you need to spend an amount of 100 coins. If we talk about the source of earning coins, then it can be possible by completing levels. Another way is to purchase coins by spending real money.

  1. Consider toon chests

The players are able to avail service from various types of reward systems. Chests are playing an important role here. At once you reach to the level 10 then you can unlock various elements such as – toon chests. Opening toon chests can help you in getting some lives.



  1. Star chests

The way of start chests is associated with various benefits of getting in-game stuff. For availing all these benefits, the individuals are required to earn at least 20 stars first. From a star chest, the individuals can get various things like – refill lives and some other important elements.

  1. Wait for a while

If the players are not able to access any other source for getting lives, then they can choose the way of replenishing system. For it, they are required to wait for a specific time period. The game takes around 20 minutes for the regeneration of life. In case you lose all 5 then you should wait for an hour that can help you in getting more lives or attempts.

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