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ShadowGun Legends from Madfinger Games is getting much popularity these days due to its impressive gameplay. This game is available for iOS and Android for free, and you can find a variety of features in the game.

ShadowGun Legends Tutorial

In this shooting RPG game, you have to focus on completing missions, and it is not an easy thing until you focus on the important tips and basics of the game.

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Here you will learn some of the important tips that can boost your salary in the game and provide better rewards. Let’s check out all the tips –

  1. Don’t Forget To Claim For Salary

Nothing is more important than salary in this game because it is providing you enough money so that you can progress faster and get rid of all the issues with ease. To get paid on time, you can try out claiming salary on time. By creating your own character, you are ready to go and able to obtain the benefit of all with ease. Even the gamers are capable of thinking about the name of the character which eases up the work and it makes the game highly reliable and better to prefer.

  1. Complete Exploration of Hub

To progress faster, one can focus on the hub and exploring it. There are numerous things that are easy to obtain out of it. The best method will be checking out John Slade, Big Red, Willow, and such other things offered in it. You are capable of progressing faster, and it is a highly reliable option that’s why you can try it out now. The big red is well known for defense, and you can try it out from now and go well in the game.

  1. Learn to Control all

Due to a huge number of features, it is important that you focus on mastering controls. Most of the gamers who are good in FPS games can easily find it handy and the reliable. Many gamers achieve the success by changing the control and playing the game on lower settings which will give better performance. As per time, you will be getting better control, and it is a highly reliable option to opt for, and you can try it out now.


  1. Don’t Take The First Mission Lightly

As you begin the game, you will be given a vast number of missions, and the common thing you can find is a higher difficulty level. But, you should learn the pure basics before getting into the world of numerous missions. Your first mission will be deciding your level, and it is crucial also. To progress faster and to get better, you can try out the mission with your best character.

  1. Choosing Things for Mission

You can’t take too much stuff on a mission because you have limited storage for that. It is not only about the selection of mission. You should focus on stuff that you want to take along on a mission. It can make things easier, and you are capable of progressing faster.

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