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The Rules of Survival is a survival game with different types of things. In the game, the players need to take help from two types of skills such as – shooting and survival. The shooting skills can help you in eliminating the opponent easily. With the help of survival skills, you can stay in the game for a long time period. The players those get success in maintaining a balance in these types of activities they can easily get success in the game.

Rules of Survival Gameplay and Tutorial

For playing the game properly, the players need to focus on different things. With it, they are required to make sure that they are performing the activities properly. Following are some basic tips to play.

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Always Be Focused

The players need complete focus when it comes to play the game. For such a task, they need to consider the place with full peace and away from any kind of distraction. If you are not focusing properly, then it does not become possible to identify the opponents and eliminate them.

Always Use Headphones

In the game, the players need to hear voice properly. In this way, the players can know that someone is coming. For proper listening and avoid the disturbance, the players need to consider the way of headphones. The use of headphone is helpful in recognizing all types of noises without any kind of issue.

Keep moving for Better Location

When anyone fires a gun, then the other nearby players can get his/her location. At once your location gets detected after that you may face lots of issues. For avoiding these types of issues, the players need to move their character properly. Regular movement is highly beneficial in avoiding the enemies and doing hidden attacks.

Be Focused on the Supplies

The supplies are playing the most important role in the game. With the help of these supplies, the players can easily dominate the battles. In the supplies, the players can get some essentials such as – weapons and numerous other items. Try to grab the supplies as more possible. For such a task, the players need to check out the building and several other things.


Stay in the Safe Area

The game is featured with lots of barriers. The biggest barrier is related to the area reduction. The players need to keep their character is the safer area every time. In case the character is outside the safe area then the players need to face a huge health loss. The area reduction is happening after a specific time period.

Weapon Selection

When you are playing the game, then there are different types of weapons appear in the front. The players need to make sure that they are equipping the best weapons to the character. The weapons should be selected on the basis of a combination. Try to pick two different varieties of weapons. With the help of a perfect combination, the players are able to dominate the game without any kind of issue.

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