Rise of Civilizations Gameplay And Guide

For enjoying the MMO strategy based content, you can choose the way of Rise of Civilizations. The game is developed with the addition of lots of entertaining elements. In the game, the interested ones need to be focused on lots of factors. With all these things, they are required to focus on the development of the city.

Rise of Civilizations Tutorial


As more, they are going to develop the city similarly higher levels they can get. Reaching higher levels can help you in unlocking the achievements and getting several benefits. In case you want to become the best player then you should be focused on the upcoming tips and tricks.

  1. Provide protection to resources

When it comes to develop the city, then the resources are playing the most important role. With the help of resources, you are able to unlock different types of items that can help you in the city development. Following are some specific activities that you can perform with the use of funds.

  • Upgrading the buildings
  • Training of troops
  • Do researches

For protecting resources from attackers, the individuals should try to provide protection to the storage units. In order to increase the storage capacity, you should upgrade such buildings properly.

  1. Power-up, the commander

The players need to manage the activities with two commanders. These commanders are primary and secondary. Both commanders have some units of troops for attacking the opponents effectively. If you want to dominate the opponents and win the battles, then upgrade the commanders and increase the damage rate.

  1. Try to increase power

The capacity for performing activities is playing an important role. Everyone wants to get success when it comes to enjoy the game. It can be possible by increasing the power. For it, you should be focused on below-mentioned activities.

  • Gather a big amount of resources
  • Upgrades
  • Leveling up the account

All these things are becoming highly beneficial in several ways.

  1. Scout the enemy

Creating domination on the enemy, you need to create a proper strategy. In case you do not have a good strategy then you cannot defeat them. By choosing the way scouting, it becomes highly beneficial and useful.

  1. Get freebies

While playing it, you can get lots of opportunities for claiming free rewards. Some players forget to claim such rewards. You should not make these types of mistakes and try to grab these types of opportunities when you can.

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