Red Dead Online Bluewater Marsh Treasure Map Guide

Red Dead Redemption is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games.

RDR has its own unique sets of hidden money hideouts, since money is such an important equivalence of any game, you`ll have to find as much as you can.

Finding Treasure Chests can be quite beneficial as you can find anything from Gold Nuggets, cash, consumables to ammo and clothing.

After you loot the treasure chest, the area will disappear from your map, and you can move on to the next one.

You can use Gold Nuggets to make Gold Bars, which is a form of cash, and can be used on a number of luxury items.

It takes 100 Gold Nuggets to make a Gold Bar, and this will happen automatically.

How to Find Treasure Maps in Red Dead Online?

  • Rank Unlocks

After reaching Rank 10, you will receive a Treasure Map every five levels as you progress through Red Dead Online (Rank 15, Rank 20, Rank 25, etc).

  • Gang Hideouts

As you converge the world, keep on checking out for Gang Hideouts, marked with a red splotch and a skull on your map. They spawn in various locations around the world, such as Fort Mercer in New Austin, Quaker’s Cove in West Elizabeth, or Cumberland Falls in New Hanover.

Each Gang Hideout has a Gang Leader – if you eliminate all of the other gang members in the hideout, the Leader will surrender. You can then choose to either kill or spare the gang leader. Regardless of what you choose to do, there is a chance that you will find a Treasure Map when looting either the Leader’s body, a lock box, or chest hidden in the camp.

How to Use Treasure Maps in Red Dead Online?

When you find a Treasure Map, go into your Satchel, head to the Documents tab, and “Use” the Treasure Map to have its treasure location marked on your map.


Head to that location.

Once you reach the location, use Eagle Eye to find the specific location of the treasure chest highlighted in gold.

In this article, you will find location to all 4 treasure chests distributed in BLUEWATER MARSH.

How to Find Bluewater Marsh Treasure?

To get the map you need to be on Rank 20.

Firstly, get the map from post office which can be used to find hidden treasure chests.

Visit the marsh lands and be careful of the gators in the area. You can bring your horse but also carry a gun to hunt the gator.

Treasure chest 1:

This one is right outside the swamp. You will find a broken wagon. Use your hunter vision to help find the treasure.

Treasure chest 2:

The next one will require you to get into Gator territory so watch where you go. There is a large beached boat on the island if your chest is there. If you don’t see a boat, there is no chest.

Treasure chest 3:

This one is found on a little island that has a large tree stump on it. The chest will be near that stump and there will be some other trash in the area as well.

Treasure chest 4:

It can be found on marked place on the island. Take a boat because if you try to swim, the alligators will feed on you immediately. There is a bait shop nearby, from there you can get a boat.

The only challenge you will face on this hunt is to find the alligators, if you try to swim into the water you will be eaten instantly. The alligators can also be resting on the ground, so be cautious before opening the chest.

There are multiple spots for treasure so keep searching till you find it.

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