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A puzzle game with amazing graphics, impressive gameplay and a vast number of features that become the best one among all other game is Monument Valley. Despite the fact that it is a paid game, it gained huge popularity, and there are millions of download hit over the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The developers are offering lots of levels, and if you want to be the best gamer, you have to learn some basic control. Initial levels are easy to complete, but after getting on harder levels, you need a different strategy.

Monument Valley 2 Levels Walkthrough

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This is what you will learn in this guide. This guide is all about some crucial tips that can help you progress faster and getting rid of all the issues.

  1. Don’t worry about Illusions

Gamers who are trying it for the first time can find lots of illusions that make the game typical and choosing the right path is not an easy thing, right? But, there are some other alternatives which can help with the selection of a good path. Instead of getting into illusions, you should learn that how to look at things and how to progress in the game.

  1. Landscapes Have Hidden Paths

Nothing is more important than looking at things from a different angle, not the way you look. In other words, if you think that the paths are in the right direction then think and get rid of illusions by observation. The other option that can make you progress faster is looking at landscapes. By exploring such sections, you can find lots of hidden paths and progress faster in the game with ease.

  1. Stopping Crow People

The biggest issue or the mess you can face in the game is due to crow people. They can easily set you in numerous trouble because they can undo what you have completed. And the only option you have is to divert them on different paths, so they don’t get into your path. It is really easy that you can stop crow people and you can rely on it without any issue. Try to focus on their path and stop them as soon as you can.


  1. See Ida

You can find that there are many paths to move, but it only works when you are capable of seeing Ida. It is an important thing, and you have to focus on it otherwise chances of facing issues are higher lately. Make sure that ida must be your field of the move and you should approach her as much as you can otherwise you are not able to progress in the game.

  1. No need of worrying about anything

Most of the people try to find the right path because they don’t want to stuck into an issue but there is nothing like that. You can move freely, and it is sure that you won’t stuck in an issue that’s why you can try to be free and play as you want. Hope this guide will be enough to help you out.

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