Mafia City Mod Apk – Get Free Money / Gold for Unlimited Amount

Many individuals are interested in playing strategy based games. Mainly these types of games are designed with the addition of lots of unique features and interesting elements. When it comes to play this particular game, then the individuals need to be focused on lots of factors. Mainly they are playing a role as the boss of a mafia group.

Mafia City Tutorial


The main aim of all players should be to protect and expand the base quickly. It represents their success and helps them in achieving desired objectives. For all these things, the individuals are required to defeat the enemies as fast as they can.

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Tips to play

Focus on citizens

The game is designed with the addition of different types of factors or elements. Citizens are one of these. The players should pay proper attention to the citizens when it comes to consider the way of resources. Mainly the resources are –

  • Gold
  • Cash
  • Boosters

By tapping the citizens, you are able to gather a good amount of currencies. You can easily see the citizens on the roads.

Unlock new items

Expansion of base is an important factor when it comes to get success and achieve in-game objectives. For such a task, you are required to unlock different types of new items. Try to unlock some new items and add to the base. All these things can be possible only with the help of a good amount of currency.

Upgrade items

For improving the strength and capacity of the base, the individuals should be focused on the upgrades. Upgrading the items and some other elements, the players can get a way to quick progress.

Make the gang better

When it comes to defeat the enemies, then the gang strength is playing the most important role. If you want to get a quick success, then you should be focused on the condition of the gang and try to make it better.


It can be possible with the help of proper upgrades for increasing power. For it, you should try to equip some high quality and damage causing weapons.

Do not forget to heal

During the battles, the troops are facing of loss of health points. All these things may create issues in the future. For avoiding unfavorable conditions, you should try to heal the troops. Consider the way of such activity after each and every battle.

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