Kosmonavtes Academy Escape Walkthrough & Guide

Kosmonavtes: Academy Escape is a fascinating experience game, you need to help Vala move on from Space Academy while her schoolmates pull tricks on her. This walkthrough guide will support you on the off chance that you stall out on any riddles.

Chapter 1

  • You’re secured in the room! Most importantly, get the space traveler pin from the plant. Additionally, lift up the floor covering to discover tape. Utilize the tape to fix the light’s electrical line. At that point take the light from the light. Tap the bolt at the base to go to the opposite side of the room.
  • Take the sandpaper behind the work of art. Additionally, place the light in the light here. Turn off the light to see some gleam in obscurity shapes on the roof. We’ll return to those. Additionally, look at the garbage bin.
  • Separate the trash from the numbered hints and the torn bits of paper. We have to return for the bit of paper. Be that as it may, note down the numbers. Utilize the lines to see which request the go in. You get 6294.
  • Tap on the bolted work area cabinet. Spot the space explorer pin in the opening and afterward enter 6294 to open the drawer. Take the paste, book, and book page from inside the cabinet. Likewise, utilize the sandpaper on the blackout images to uncover a moon, Star, Saturn, and rocket.
  • Return to the refuse and utilize the paste to stick the bits of paper together. Get the book page.
  • Tap on the bookshelves and add the book you found. Also, grab the book page from the top shelf.
  • Now, look at the ceiling again and count the number of moons, stars, Saturns and rockets. You get:
    • Moon = 5
    • Star = 8
    • Saturn = 3
    • Rocket = 1
  • Return to the opposite side of the room. Tap on the safe and enter 5831 to open it. Take the UV light, book and corrosive from inside.Close the window conceals. Spot the UV light into the light and tap the light head a couple of times until it sparkles on the shade and uncovers hints on the plant and the shades. We’ll utilize them soon.
  • Return to the opposite side of the room and utilize the corrosive on the corroded work area leg to crush it off.Go spirit to the opposite side of the room and utilize the work area leg to get the book page from under the furnishings.
  • Presently we have every one of the four pages for the book close to the telescope. Utilize the shaded lights on the plant to reveal to you the request to put them. It goes start to finish, so Blue, Orange, Green, Pink. At that point stick the pages into the book and take it.
  • Return to the shelves and spot the remainder of the books on there. You currently have every one of them. Utilize the piece of information from the window shade to make sense of the request. Essentially, you need the stature of the lines to coordinate the tallness of each pink pinnacle and valley on the window conceal.
  • Presently, utilize the green lines on the window shade to see which four images to feature on the entryway lock.
  • Head to the entryway and tap on the red lock. Press those four images to open the entryway and contend the section.

Chapter 2:

  • Take the 3 boxes and experience the entryway, take the 2 boxes, return and spot the 5 boxes on the racks
  • Note all the flat lines you find in the two rooms: word LEVEL (3), first entryway (2), second entryway (4), third entryway (6)
  • Safe on the rack: open it with the code 3246 and furthermore take the multitool
  • Open the floor (second live) with the multitool and take the crate
  • Open the board (right entryway) with the multitool and expel the consumed meld
  • Spot the keep going box on the rack, yet we need to arrange them (the piece of information is on the paint of the second room) and the arrangement.
  • Take the printout (2 blue imprints) > open the crate where 2 blue imprints meet
  • Utilize the tablet where the printout was > the lights lit up to one side on the entryway, get another printout by squeezing similar spots on the tablet
  • Printout (2 green imprints) > open the case where 2 green imprints meet to get the 3d printer > place it where the first printout was and tap on the printer > puzzle piece of information: racks hues > puzzle solution: Blue, green, pink, orange/orange, pink, green blue
  • Broken breaker: Spot it inside the printer to get a working circuit
  • Go to the entryway and spot the breaker > puzzle sign: discover the numbers around, there are 3 numbers for each shading, and each shading includes 15. Arrangement: beginning from 12:00 o clock: 8 red, 5 green, 6 red, 2 blue, 9 blue, 1 red, 7 green, 4 blue, 3 green
  • Sweep the sealed area with the tablet > utilize the new printout with the lower right corner box and take the spacesuit
  • Open the isolated space with the spacesuit > fix up the suit (utilize the 3 printouts along with the multitool)
  • Get all the protection and furthermore glass pieces
  • Break of the metal mesh (multitool)
  • Broken window: zoom in > place the metal mesh down > place the glass pieces into place > place the protection > seal it with the multitool > experience the isolated space.


I gave you the two chapter guide here. You can simply crack these two levels with this easy guide.

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