KlepToCats 2 Mod Apk Download Unlimited Gems Free

New games with unique features and gameplay always get more popularity. KletptoCats is the new mobile title which is getting into the trend.

You can get this game absolutely free of cost, and it is available for iOS and android.

KlepToCats 2 Codes Guide

Let’s check out all the major tips and get the right way to progress faster.

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What’s the aim?

This game offers you the option to send your cat on the hunt and bringing lots of items. In other words, it is a stealing game and pretty much newer than all other. If you are in love with this one, but you can’t progress, then there are so many KletptoCats tips which can come handy and fulfill your need with ease.

Cat’s Mood

If you want to progress faster without getting into a single issue, then make sure that you focus on the mood of the cat. It is not an easy thing always, and you have to focus on the mood’s meter always. You can treat with a fish to make your cat happier and going well in the game without any issue.

KleptoCats 2 Kitchen Codes

Don’t skip Basics

A basic tutorial will help you learn the UI of the game, and it will help to learn the other factors also. Make sure that you focus on the tutorial because it will teach you the three icons importance and it will also help you with the meter. Skipping it can set you in trouble and chances are higher that you will not progress faster.

Importance of Mood Meter

The mood meter matters a lot in this game. With a good mood, your cat is going to bring rare and premium items for you. By this method, it becomes easier to lay a hand on expensive things and having an awesome collection.


See Inside your Album

Have you ever wondered that what is inside your album? Well, this KletptoCats guide will help you out here. The album helps you access several things in the game that are important, and you can buy items from it. There are numbers given which can help you out here.

New Cat

In order to get a new cat that is smarter and better than the previous one, you have to earn four purple gems. If you are not able to earn a good amount due to any reason, then the in-app purchases can come handy and fulfill your need for sure.

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