How to get free V-Bucks on Nintendo Switch?

How to get free Nintendo Swap V-Bucks. You recently purchased a Nintendo Swap system and the first games you download is Fortnite. You can’t wait to dive into this famous Battle Royale game created by Epic Games.

After getting used to the game, he discovered that the game is V-Bucks, some copies of the virtual game are useful to buy various products during the game, but you do not know how to get them.

If you want to see How to get free V-Bucks on Nintendo Switch, or if you have a problem: here I am ready to clear all your doubts about it. During this tutorial, I’ll actually give you a general overview of the most common uses of this virtual currency, after which I’ll explain in detail how to get it for free. Here, I will give you some useful tips to help you avoid scams or fraud attempts, as well as tips on how to protect your Epic Gaming account.

That said, if you want to learn more now and can’t wait to get started, sit down and hold your console. Follow the instruction which I’m about to give you.

Tips to get free V-Bucks on Nintendo Switch?

Before explaining how to get free V-Bucks on Nintendo Switch, I want to make sure that I have clarified all your doubts about how to win and use this virtual currency in the world of Fortnite.

What is V-Bucks?

V-Bucks is a virtual currency used to buy masks and emotes in Fortnite. The mask that changes the aesthetic appearance of a character or weapon, while the emotes are used to communicate in games, through emotional expression or by dancing.

Among the most common uses of V-Bucks are also the purchase of War Passes (950 V-Bucks) and Battle Packs (2,800 V-Bucks) which I will discuss in detail in the next chapter. In fact, this is an upgrade to your account, which allows you to level up faster, to get faster rewards.

How to get free V-Bucks?

Now going forward, the time has come to talk more specifically about how to get free V-Bucks by playing Fortnite?

The only method of earning currency in Fortnite is to play the game. Fortnite is Battle royale which involves PVP engagement with other players in the last man mode. By passing a level, you can earn purane sikke, V-Bucks as a reward in every season.

For example, at the time of writing this tutorial, you can get it 100 V-Money and you will be upgraded to Level 11.

However, the rewards that can be earned for free in Fortnite by completing its level may vary with the type of the season. You can see it in real-time menu, you need to click on lobby.

It is good to specify that, to get more V-Bucks in Royal Battle mode you must purchase a Battle Pass ( 950 V-Money ) or a Battle Pack ( 2,800 V-Money ) from Battle Pass menu in the latter case, you get 100 V-Money straight to Level 4 .

However, purchasing this update for an account is optional: if, in fact, you don’t want to withdraw money, because V-Bucks can be purchased for a fee in euros, my advice is to collect V-Bucks with a Free Battle Pass and then spend them for buy Pass the war or del the Battle Pack .

An alternative solution to earning V-Bucks

An alternative solution to earning V-Bucks at Fortnite is to refer to the purchase of this paid virtual currency. Purchases can be made directly in the game, via the menu. store , but also through the Nintendo eShop .

In this sense, you will find below the current price for the purchase of V-Bucks, which however may vary, in the case of offers:

  • 1000 V-Wang : € 9.99
  • 2800 V-Wang : € 24.99
  • 5000 V-Wang : € 39.99
  • 13500 V-Wang : € 99.99
  • Red Attack Pack (Costume + 600 V-Bucks): €4.99

Beware of scams

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that, as stated by the developer of Fortnite on Twitter, you should be aware of anyone who promises to give away V-Bucks (or other items) for free, through in-game direct contact, or suggests to redeem them through special websites – in fact, they are scams.

The only solution to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite Nintendo Switch is to follow the above guide which I have shared.

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