How to get all the spirits in Nioh 2?

In this guide we will tell you how to get all the spirits in Nioh 2. The guardian spirits will give Hideyoshi special abilities during battle. Throughout the game you can find different abilities and each of these gives a certain effect. Below you will find a complete list of how to get all the spirits in Nioh 2.

Complete Guide: How to get all the spirits in Nioh 2

The spirit of the guardian in Nioh 2 is very important, mostly acquired during the main story of the game, though you also have to complete certain secondary missions to unlock it. Once turned into Yokai to do this, press △ + O (On Xbox B + Y / Steam controller) to activate it, and then you can now use spirit power .

Each spirit offers special abilities and they are divided into three categories:

  • Barbarian : With a very strong attack, but quite heavy and slow.
  • Wild : Offers a very agile and fast movement.
  • Ghost : Can attack from afar.

List of guardian spirits in Nioh 2

The Spirit of the Guardian Appearance Type How to unlock
 Weapon Lobo Barbarian Available from the beginning
Love has no myths Bird Liar After completing the quest The Shrine of Oaths
Kagewani Shark ghost Completing the point is no return
Usurahicho Mariposa ghost Complete The Viper and the Butterfly side quest
Okuri inu Dog Barbarian Complete An Ardent Roar
Shinroku Russian Barbarian After achieving The Dragonfly Reaper quest
Tenkan kujaku Curiosity ghost At the end of the Demon King’s Sword mission
Bear atlas Bear Barbarian When you are done, you must complete The Warrior
Gyokuto Rabbit Liar When you complete A Sunset of Hope
Yatagarasu Cuervo Liar Finish the third word
Itokuri Spiders Liar Complete the mission of the Master of the three evils.
Masaru Mono Liar After setting up the Cursed Cherry Blossom Village
Shirohami Ular Barbarian After completing the Shrine of the Viper
Rokugezo elephant ghost Complete Okehazama’s Hidden Monsters
Yaonami HIme Siren Liar Completing the mission One way out
Hiyokucho Bird Liar Complete the Bird Cage mission
Hyobishin Panther Barbarian After completing the Dominating Waters
Kyubi Zorro ghost Available in Raging Flames quest
Genbu Tortuga ghost Complete The Sun Over Mount Tenno
Inosasao Wild boar Barbarian At the end of the lurking destruction
Nekomata Cat Liar You must enter the twilight zone
Hakutaku Beast ghost You need to complete the mission The Demon’s Fervor
isanagami Pause Barbarian With the mission of the Golden Palace
Yumehami mythological creature ghost Get to complete Hanami Daigo
Saoirse mythological mermaid ghost Must complete The Blue-Eyed Samurai

Initially, you can only choose one of these three guardian spirits Makami, Ame no mitori or Kagewani The longer you can change your spirit as you unlock it, each will give you different techniques and bonuses.

There are over twenty guardian spirits to collect, in this guide we have gathered some details and how to unlock each one of them.

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