How to Generate Realistic Image with Midjourney AI?

Are you ready for an exciting journey into the world of Midjourney AI? It’s a special kind of technology that helps us create really realistic images. Imagine being able to make pictures that look just like real life, or even better! With Midjourney AI, we can use our imagination and some special computer tricks to bring our wildest ideas to life.

It’s like having a superpower to make incredible pictures that will amaze everyone who sees them. So get ready to explore the amazing world of generating realistic images with Midjourney AI, where your imagination knows no bounds!

What is Midjourney AI?

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Midjourney AI is a revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate images based on text prompts. With its ability to create stunningly realistic artwork, Midjourney has become a popular choice for digital artists, designers, and creative professionals. However, generating truly realistic images using Midjourney requires some practice and the use of effective techniques. This article will provide tips and strategies for crafting prompts and adjusting settings to produce realistic images using Midjourney.

Let’s Begin with Realistic Image Generation with Midjourney AI

To begin, download the Midjourney app for your phone or use the web version. Create an account and log in.

The first step is writing a good text prompt. Aim for 20 to 40 words that describe the scene in detail using specific adjectives, settings, and objects. For example, instead of “a beach,” say “an idyllic tropical beach with palm trees, turquoise water, and white sand.” The more descriptive and imaginative the prompt, the better.

Next, adjust the settings to optimize for realism. Under “Model,” select “Stable Diffusion” or “Stable Diffusion – Upscale.” These models tend to produce more realistic results. For “Safety Filter,” choose “Strict” to avoid any unwanted surreal elements. For “Iterations,” start with a higher number like 40 to 80 for more detail. Set “Size” to at least “1080×1080” for sharp images.

Once you hit “Generate,” review the results. If the image lacks realism, refine your prompt. Add more details, change adjectives, and specify textures, materials, and lighting conditions. For example, you could change “a beach” to “a deserted tropical beach at dusk with warm golden light reflecting off the wet sand.” Then regenerate the image with the same settings.

With practice, you’ll get a feel for which prompts generate realistic results and which don’t. Avoid overly vague or general prompts and instead, paint a specific scene using your words. You can also experiment with different settings like “Clarity,” “Speed,” and “Upscale” to fine-tune the realism of the output.

With enough iterations, you’ll start to get the hang of crafting prompts that produce realistic Midjourney images on the first try. Keep in mind that even with the best prompts, Midjourney’s results will never be 100% realistic – there will always be subtle artefacts that give away the AI generation. However, with patience and experimentation, you can get Midjourney images that are convincingly realistic and suitable for a variety of creative purposes.

Prompt Keywords for Realistic Images

Once you are done with the above settings on Midjourney, you need to design your prompt. Think about the type of image you want to generate and insert these keywords after the end of the prompt.

  • Realistic Photo
  • Realistic Character
  • Cinematic
  • Nice shot
  • fine detail
  • CinemaHelper
  • PhotoHelper
  • 16K
  • Hyper realistic photography
  • superrealism
  • realistic face
  •  Sharp
  • Hasselblad
  • Dramatic Lighting
  • Depth of field
  • Medium shot
  • Soft color palette
  • 80mm
  • Incredibly high detailed

Use the above keywords in your prompt, separated by commas. I will show you an amazing example to help you understand how it will look when you use these combined keywords with your prompt.

So look at this prompt below

Photography, Siddhartha Gautama as a monk, meditate under a Bodhi Tree, Human Buddha photo, human-like,open eye, full body shot photo composition, hyper realistic photography, Masterpiece, superrealism, realistic face, realistic eyes, realistic characters, realistic environment, realistic body, realistic physiology, realistic detailed, stunning realistic photo of a realistic dramatic character, hight quality, smooth skin, flawless complexion, illuminating, Nice shot, Cinematic, Photography, Sharp, Hasselblad, Dramatic Lighting, Depth of field, Medium shot, Soft color palette, 80mm, Incredibly high detailed, Lightroom gallery, candid photo journalism, sharp bokeh uhd, gritty realistic, warm dappled lighting, in focus low depth of field, 16mm film quality with grain, pantone analog style, Rim lighting, perfect color tones, (imperfect skin quality), skin blemishes, freckles and skin pores, sharp fine details, Extremely detailed, slight sweat on skin

After inserting the above prompt, I could generate this image

cliefca8y0005mf0fp5c42n52 1

Some additional tips to improve realism

• Specify times of day – “at dusk” or “at sunrise” helps set the lighting conditions.

• Mention the weather – “on a clear sunny day” or “after a rainstorm” affects textures and colors.

• Include human subjects – people and faces tend to be the hardest for AI to generate realistically.

• Avoid overly complex scenes – keep it simple, focusing on one main subject or setting.

• Use references – input an image you like as a reference to guide Midjourney’s output.

• Refine multiple times – regenerate the image several times, tweaking the prompt each time.

• Adjust “Clarity” and “Stability” – higher values can improve sharpness and reduce artifacts.

• Upscale the output – using “2X” or “4X” upscaling can make details appear more realistic.

With patience and practice, Midjourney AI can produce images that approach photographic realism. But the key is crafting targeted, descriptive prompts that provide the AI with enough detail to generate a realistic scene. So experiment with different prompts, settings, and refinement techniques to find a workflow that works for you. With enough iterations, you’ll soon be generating stunningly realistic Midjourney images to suit your creative needs.

Some Realistic Images Generated by Midjourney AI with Prompts

Thomas, on the other hand, had sandy blonde hair and an infectious smile 8 years. He was known for his boundless energy and mischievous nature. Thomas came from a large and warm family, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, and three siblings: an older brother named James, a younger sister named Lily, and a baby brother named Benjamin. They all shared a deep love for nature and spent their weekends hiking and camping.
cliefm4810001mf0f7r33iva6 1
Uplight, Masterpiece, hight quality, best quality, Realistic, little gril short curly hair smiling looking the sky cheekbones, Realistic characters, Realistic environment, Realistic body, beautiful realistic photo of a realistic dramatic character, fusion between jeremy mann and childe hassam and daniel f gerhartz and rosa bonheur and thomas eakins, Cinematic, Nice shot, fine detail, CinemaHelper, PhotoHelper, 16K
clief48sq0007ml0fhwuu1fuh 1
Photography, Siddhartha Gautama as a monk, Meditated for long time under a pipal tree, He has aurora surrounding of him body before He has a 
 attanined enlightenment, A prince was born in the land of Nepal by the name of Siddhartha Gautama, Human Buddha photo, human-like, realistic hansam wizard, full body shot photo composition, hyper realistic photography, Masterpiece, superrealism, realistic face, realistic eyes, realistic characters, realistic environment, realistic body, realistic physiology, realistic detailed, stunning realistic photo of a realistic dramatic character, hight quality, smooth skin, flawless complexion, illuminating, fine detail, Natural light, Warm light, Movie, Cinematic, Nice shot, CinemaHelper, PhotoHelper,16k


The most important thing when using Midjourney AI is to be creative and have fun. You can use the keywords I gave you in your prompts to make your images look even more realistic. And guess what? I’ll be giving you even more keywords and ideas to help you make your pictures super clear and lifelike. So, get ready to let your imagination run wild with Midjourney AI and create amazing images that will amaze everyone!

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