How To Delete Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming console developed by Nintendo in March 2017. It is unique mainly because it contributes to the versatile nature of the gameplay. It has transformed the way we play games. The console can be used both as home and portable consoles which makes it all the more appealing. However, it does not have much storage capacity as compared to Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 Pro. The Switch comes with only 32 GB of onboard memory contrasting to the 500 GB of storage offered by the other platforms. Games like Super Mario Odyssey, Mortal Combat 11, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and NBA 2K20 take up almost half of the Switch’s space.  And this means you will ultimately run out of it when you get more gaming options. You can avoid the storage issue by purchasing the physical version of the games that you like. Alternatively, you can use an external SD card for the same. 

Even if you opt for a micro SD card, you will still not be able to access the whole collection all at once. Installing new games is possible only if you have room left for them. Luckily, Nintendo Switch has the option of deleting and reinstalling your games. You can do this whenever you want to without risking the games’ saved data. Managing the library is easier than you can imagine.

Process of deleting the games from your Nintendo Switch

If you want to remove a certain game from your Switch because your game library is a mess, you have the option of delete. Just follow these simple steps to get the job done.

  1. Press the power button of your Nintendo Switch to turn it ON (if you have not done it already). 
  2. Once it has started, press the “A” button on your Switch console.
  3. To unlock the Switch, you need to press the “A” button three times.
  4. Once you have decided on the game which you would like to remove, use the Joysticks Joy-Con controller.
  5. Press the + or the buttons present in the right and left hands of the Joy-Con controller to enter the game details.
  6. Now select “Manage Software” in the game menu that appears on the home screen.
  7. Select “Delete Software” and confirm to proceed.
  8. If you want to delete the saved data for that particular game, click “Manage Save Data” and then click “Delete Save Data”. Alternatively, you can also delete the entire content of saved data on your device by selecting “Delete All Save Data for This Software”.

An Additional option of Archive and Reinstallation of games

You also have the option of archiving which acts as a secondary delete mode. This deletes the game’s data but leaves the icon on your game library. If you do not have the hidden game library of Switch on your console, you can avail of this option. This is beneficial if you want to clear some temporary space. Besides this, if you want to reinstall a game, you can do so from the Switch eShop. You can easily find the list of deleted games which can be redownloaded for further installation. Reinstalling the game will be free of cost. Moreover, if you have not deleted the saved data, you can pick up your game from where you left it. Nintendo certainly has taken gaming to a whole new level. Now that you are aware of the know-how of deleting, archiving and reinstalling, you can tackle this more efficiently. Happy gaming!

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