10 Best games like Grand Theft Auto – GTA Vice city, Gta 5

Grand Theft Auto or GTA has been one of the legendary games in the history of PC games. Released back in 1997, GTA was an action-adventure game developed by DMA Design and was published by the BMG Interactive. It was the first release of the Grand theft Auto series, and was sold until 2013. More than 150 million units of this game were sold. Developed by the Rockstar North, Rockstar Lincoln, and Visual Science, the game received an average rating of 3.9 out of 5. 


The immense success of GTA, made developers work on its successors. Finally, Rockstar Games, geared up to release the next video game in this series, known as the Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 which was released in 1999. Soon after that several other versions were released that included GTA London 1961, GTA 2, GTA 3, and then was the release of one of the best games ever made, the GTA Vice City. The game was released in 2002, and even now, the company does not allow free distribution of this game.

The game revolves around Tommy Vercetti who is the protagonist of the game. Later in 2004, another game that stood up to the expectations of gamers was released. The name of this master piece was GTA: San Andreas. Tommy was replaced by Carl and there were several other features added to this game. Like Carl could swim, fly a jet or ride a bicycle. After that Rockstar games released a mini game to continue the excitement of their users, name was GTA: Advance. Then came another game that broke all records.

The name was Liberty City or Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Released in 2005, by Rockstar Games, this revolves around Toni Cipriano. Better cars and action, but bad graphics, still this game managed to meet the expectations of gamers, probably because of good story and missions. 

Further there were many releases in this series, GTA 5 being most popular. Here in this article we provide you with the best alternative GTA like games, in case you have completed all and wish to play something more.

1. Red Redemption

Again, an open world shooting game which is a sequel to the Red Redemption 1. It continues the fire set up by GTA games. The game is set-up in a western hilly area, there are horses, castles, bank heists and more. Unlike GTA, this game revolves more in a rural map. The game can be played on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. 

2. Sleeping Dogs

An action adventure game set-up in Hong Kong, you play a cop who needs to demolish underworld Don. The mind-blowing action and gameplay will make you addict to this game in no time. Less of Ammunitions and more of Kung-Fu and Martial arts attracts gamers towards this. Play this on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or Windows. Buy it from PlayStation or Steam.

3. Watch Dogs

An open world action game with outstanding graphics, set in San Francisco the game is about a hacker who takes the revenge of false acquisition. The game especially the second part is famous for its graphics comparable to that of GTA V. The game is available for purchase from Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. You can play game across device that include Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows running devices.

4. Just Cause

With its latest release in 2018, by the name Just Cause 4, is a cool action game. You can expect lots of fire and blowing up of cars and buildings. The best thing about this game is the gameplay and controls. There are tonnes of weapons to play with. Especially the bazookas and rocket launchers are a great fun. Blow helicopters, boats, cars and what not. Action is the best part of this game. 

5. Yakuza Kwame

An action- adventure game that is set in Japanese cities like Tokyo and Osaka. The second part of the game has received a 10/10 rating on Steam and 88% rating on PC Gamer. The game is available across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows running Devices. Similar to GTA, there exist a criminal who seeks revenge. There are cars, cops and pedestrians. Not to forget a good range of Ammo. 

6. Mafia

Quite similar to GTA, Mafia as the name suggests, you are the Godfather of the town and your main aim is to demolish the uprising local gangs. Set up in 1950s, this game provides you a Hollywood glimpse. The game has three parts Mafia 1, Mafia 2 and Mafia 3. Mafia 2 continues to be the best among all. You can buy this game from Xbox, Steam or PlayStation

7. Payday

An adventure, Crime thriller, and action game that goes by the concept of cop-heist. Rob banks, stores and let the thrill of police chasing you raise your adrenaline levels. Payday 2 allows co-op mode, so make a gang and rob banks the authority catches you. 

8. La Noire

A crime thriller and action game which is just a perfect alternative for GTA series. Set-up in medieval age, the gamer is a policeman unlike GTA where gamer is a thief. Similar to GTA, there is 3D world where you can roam, snatch cars, and kill people. There is ammunition as well. Each action leads to change in your reputation status. Preserve your reputation and complete the missions assigned by your senior. The game is available for Xbox and PlayStations 3.

9. Total Overdose

Lots of Ammunitions, slow motion action, plenty of cars, difficult missions, gang wars, and action. Excellent graphics and stunts to addict you. Cool hero and a beautiful world, Total Overdose has it all.  

10. Max Payne

Probable one of the best releases of Rockstar Games. The story revolves around a protagonist, Max Payne whose family was murdered by drug dealers, seeks to take revenge. This detective is equipped with most advance weapons and the stunts will blow your mind. There have been 3 releases under this series, while fourth remains to be a mystery. The game is available across a variety of devices, there are mod versions for Android devices too. 

Some more games

Apart from the above-mentioned list, there are some other games as well that join the genre of GTA. Some of them include 

Saints Row

especially the fourth version. The gamer is provided with special powers. You are allowed to complete absurd missions and collect packages as well. The game is available on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam. 

Project IGI, Project IGI 2


So, this was a list of top 10 games that are similar to Grand Theft Auto. It should be kept in mind that GTA was one of the legendary games to be build ever and absolutely no other game can match to it. Maybe this is the reason that you can find high budget games like Prince of Persia, Asphalt and more for free however GTA games remain to be paid. We provide some of the video games that are based on the same concept as GTA and have the capability to match the feature and gameplay as in Grand Theft Auto series.

Hope this was informative.  

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