Fit to Fat 2 Mod Apk Unlimited Money, Energy for Android

Five Bits, the developer of Fit the Fat game, is getting much popularity these days. The new installment Fit the Fat 2 is widely popular these days, and you can get it from Google Play Store and Apple App Store without a single issue. The game is all about making Fat guy slim, and this workout game feels so much satisfying.

In order to go well, you have to provide the proper diet and make your character fit. There is a game currency which will help in the faster progression.

Fit To Fat 2 Tutorial

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If you love to play this game, then this Fit the Fat 2 guide will help you learn the basic steps which can enhance the chances of progressing faster and getting rid of all the issues.

1. Treadmill is essential

In this game, you have to focus on the purchase of common and necessary equipment. The treadmill is the most common equipment that you can find in a gym because it helps in the cardio. On the other hand, burning fat becomes easier by this method. You should get a sufficient number of coins and then buy a good treadmill.

The game begins with a jumping rope only, and you have to focus on getting more equipment. It is not easy until you earn more coins. The commonly used alternative in such condition is the in-app purchases but avoid that and try to earn more coins. There are many Fit the Fat 2 tips that can help with the earning of coins.

2. Jump Rope and the Directions

Using   equipment properly matters a lot, and it is the major reason that you focus on the jumping rope. Even there are levels of jumping rope that can come handy and fulfill your need with ease. In order to burn fat on a faster rate, try out getting the best rope. As per the time, the speed of jumping rope increases, it is the major reason that you can try out the jumping rope and get rid of such issues with ease.


The game is all about stamina, and you know that it takes more than 25 minutes to build stamina. If your friends’ stamina is over, then you should focus on more stamina and everything is done after that, and it can help you progress faster in the game. Keep in mind that if you are not paying attention to the direction, then it can lead to more issues lately.

3. Method of using Treadmill

Using the treadmill feel little bit tripling and chances are higher that you can’t go well on the go. To avoid such issues and going well, you can try out the tutorial which let you know that how to run. It may not be effective in the beginning, but you will learn it after a couple of months and get rid of all the issues.

There is a green bar in the bottom part of the screen and make sure that you keep on music the black on in left or right to increase or decrease the speed. You have to focus on stamina at the same time; you are not paying attention to it then chances are higher that you can end up falling from the treadmill.


You have to play this game for a couple of months, and everything is done after that. You can try out this method and become the best gamer in the nick of time. Make sure that you stay selective in approach while following this tip and try to play this game on a daily basis to progress well.

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