Fire Emblem: Three Houses Lost Items Guide

Since you are here for the lost items guide so you should have played the game and come across some of the lost items and were wondering what to do with them. While you’ll spend lots of your time on the battlefield in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ll also spend lots of your time being a social butterfly, going to know the scholars and staff of the monastery intimately. To build great relations with them, one way is to find the lost items littering the grounds of the monastery, collect them and then returning them to their rightful owners. This makes them happy, naturally and you can easily be a social butterfly.

What are Lost Items and what are they for?

Lost Items are always found during the exploration stage, when you’re walking around the monastery in free time that means you have to particularly look for these items and you can’t find them while pursuing through the story. You’ll find these items throughout the map as glowing blue items kept into corners, hidden among boxes, or sitting out in plain sight. Whenever you grab any one of the items and look through its description, each lost item will give you a little clue to reach to its owner. Many lost items don’t spawn into the map until specific points in the game, as determined by the passage of time on the in-game calendar. So, you should always check on the places you have already visited.

Handing an item back to its owner will increase your bond with the particular character. These bonds are important as they assist boost your motivation or so called in the game: Support level with the person. The higher your support level with each character, the more you get to find out about them. Moreover, as you grow your relationship with students or soldiers you’ve recruited, the stronger the help they’re going to offer in battles of the future. Growing your support level is very much essential when looking out for a romantic partner :).

Now to increase your bonding you have two options: 

  1. To look out through the game for Lost Items and spending a lot of time guessing their owners and all.
  2. To scroll below and take a look at each lost item and their owners in this article:
  • Ashe: Bundle of Herbs, Evil-Repelling Amulet, Moon Knight’s Tale
  • Balthus: Well-Worn Hammock, Stiff-Hand Wrap (Expansion Pass only)
  • Bernadetta: Hedgehog Case, Needle and Thread, Still-Life Picture
  • Caspar: Grounding Charm, Tattered Overcoat, Thunderbrand Replica
  • Catherine: Badge of Graduation, Letter to Rhea, Weathered Cloak
  • Alois: Foreign Old Coin, Introduction to Magic, Mysterious Notebook
  • Anna: Balance Scale, Rare Item Index, Secret Ledger (Expansion Pass only)
  • Annette: School of Sorcery Book, Unfinished Score, Wax Diptych
  • Constance: Nimbus Charm, Repellent Powder (Expansion Pass only)
  • Claude: Board Game Piece, Leather Bow Sheath, Mild Stomach Poison
  • Cyril: Old Cleaning Cloth, Portrait of Rhea, Well-Used Hatchet
  • Dedue: Gardening Shears, Gold Earring, Iron Cooking Pot
  • Dimitri: Black Leather Gloves, Dulled Longsword, Training Logbook
  • Dorothea: Lovely Comb, Silver Brooch, Songstress Poster
  • Edelgard: Eastern Porcelain, Time-worn Quill Pen, White Gloves
  • Felix: Black Iron Spur, Sword Belt Fragment, Toothed Dagger
  • Ferdinand: Agricultural Survey, Bag of Tea Leaves, Ferdinand
  • Flayn: Antique Clasp, Dusty Book of Fables, Old Map of Enbarr
  • Gilbert: Carving Hammer, Noseless Puppet, Silver Necklace
  • Hanneman: Hammer and Chisel, Lens Cloth, Sketch of a Sigil
  • Hapi: Basket Of Berries, Shiny Striated Pebble (Expansion Pass only)
  • Hilda: Handmade Hair Clip, Spotless Bandage, Used Bottle of Perfume
  • Hubert: Folding Razor, Hresvelg Treatise, Noxious Handkerchief
  • Ignatz: Art Book, Blue Stone, Letter to the Goddess
  • Ingrid: Curry Comb, Jousting Almanac, Pegasus Horseshoes
  • Jeralt: Wooden Flask
  • Jeritza – Armor Clasp, Black Hair Tie, Jar of Sweets
  • Leonie: Crude Arrowheads, Fur Scarf, Hand Drawn Map
  • Seteth: Old Fishing Rod, Snapped Writing Quill, Unfinished Fable
  • Shamir: Animal Bone Dice, Bundle of Dry Hemp, Centipede Picture
  • Sylvain: Crumpled Love Letter, The History of Sreng, Unused Lipstick
  • Yuri: Makeup Brush, Suspicious Dice (Expansion Pass only)
  • Linhardt: Animated Bait, Feather Pillow, The Saints Revealed
  • Lorenz: A Treatise on Etiquette, Artificial Flower, Silk Handkerchief
  • Marianne: Bag of Seeds, Confessional Letter, How to be Tidy
  • Mercedes: Book of Ghost Stories, Fruit Preserves, How to Bake Sweets
  • Petra: Annotated Dictionary, Exotic Feather, Small Tanned Hide
  • Raphael: Big Spoon, Burlap Sack of Rocks, Wooden Button
  • Rhea: Elegant Hair Clip, Faded Star Chart, Seiros Scriptures
  • Lysithea: Encyclopedia of Sweets, New Bottle of Perfume, Princess Doll

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