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Final fantasy remained in the category of top smartphone games due to amazing gameplay and graphics. This PRG title is free to play, and you can download it from Google Plays Store as well as Apple App Store. You have to stay selective in approach while playing this game.

Your every move leads to progression in the different path. Due to this particular reason, you have to focus on various things.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Gameplay and Tutorial

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The below given are top 6 tips to help you with progress and taking over the opponent.

Balanced Team is perfect

Most of the gamers focus on best heroes to attack but poor defenders. However, it is not a good method, and it can’t make you the best gamer. Due to this particular reason, you must take care of the balanced team. Choosing the right defender, offender, and other roles is an important factor, and you can’t miss this tip. Dealing with damage, heal, and other support can make your game, and it is a highly reliable option to opt for.

Story of Rewards

Nothing is better than progressing, and the story mode is one of the best to try out. Progressing in the story mode and keep on unlocking new modes will help to earn better rewards. It becomes easier to progress and takes over opponent so you can rely on it easily. Tons of achievements are easy to complete, and it provides you with in-game currency. In other words, you can earn good rewards. But, if you prefer the special story campaign, then you can get more stamina and other rewards.

Daily Rewards

The daily bonus is easy to avail with the help of login and the quests. Each day you log in, you have plenty of things to complete which can make you progress faster and earn more with ease. By focusing on such methods, you can collect coins and other essential things in the game.

Colosseum and Arenas

The game offers you a huge number of methods that can help you out with the earning of better rewards and everything become easier. Start now by playing Colosseum as well as the arenas. Everything becomes easier by using such methods, and you earn better rewards on a daily basis. Such things are making the game better to play and highly reliable. Every gamer can try it out without any issue and progress faster. If you stuck into issues and think about the use of in-app purchases, then hold on and prefer arenas to earn more.


Collect Exclusive Characters

Earning a better number of reward is everyone’s primary attention however it is not easy. There are exclusive characters that are very rare to get, and you have to focus on a vast number of things to get them. There is a new event in Square Enix’s storied franchise that can help to collect better characters.

Back-Up Characters

With the use of back up characters in the expedition, you mostly rip off all the issues and take over the game with ease. It is highly recommended that you focus on the right character to keep in back up. I Hope, this guide will be enough to progress faster.

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