Episode Choose your Story Mod Apk (Gems & Passes Free) Hack

The internet is full of different types of options related to the games. All these options are not providing a similar kind of game concept. If you are finding the unique one, then you should access Episode Choose your Story. It is designed on the basis of the story concept. While playing the game, the players can perform the following activities.

  • Enjoy the pre-designed stories
  • Create own stories
  • Play the stories

Episode Choose your Story Tutorial

All these things are providing a great experience to the players and help them in spending quality time. Upcoming paragraphs are based on essential details.

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  1. Pre-Designed Stories

There are lots of stories added by the developers. The players can easily access these specific stories and enjoy their elements without any kind of issue. All these stories are based on various genres such as –

  • Romance
  • Sad
  • Magical
  • Horror
  • Fantasy

You can get lots of other options or categories of the stories.

  1. Create your Own Story

Some players have impressive and creative ideas regarding the stories and related elements. For these types of individuals, the option of creating your own stories is available.

Here, they can design the characters and form the complete story part. It can be possible with the help of in-game funds.

  1. Play the stories

If you want to become a part of stories, then you can access and play them. After it, you are becoming the lead role of the story. There are lots of questions that appear in front of you. All these questions are representing different situations of story.

Each and every question has some options. For answering these questions, you need to select one of these options. Selection of option will decide what happens next in the story.

  1. Use funds carefully

Some players are performing activities carelessly when it comes to the in-game funds. In reality, the funds are working as the source of unlocking and using some important features. You should try to make sure that you have a good amount of fund and you are spending these on creating a good story. Try to avoid the way of unnecessary activities.

  1. Do not skip the tutorial

For enjoying the game and getting success, the most important thing is related to the way of playing. In case you do not know how to play perfectly then you do not achieve the objectives. You should not skip the tutorial. It is the only source which can help you in getting the required details.

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