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Modern mobile games are setting a new standard for the entertainment industry. For the new developers, it is even becoming more challenging to keep something new and more fascinating. For example, you can see that many new and unique features are added in the Epic Seven game. You can try this game on your device and have more fun. It is a role-playing game and available to download for free of cost. New and dynamic characters are presented in this game which will make you even happier.

Epic Seven Gameplay and Tutorial


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Money to win

The player must be able to understand the basic concept of the game where huge numbers of stories are presented. In the Epic Seven game, you can enjoy the seventh world which is a quite epic experience. The other thing is playing the game in the player vs. player arena and many more modes. Ancient characters can be seen in the game. Gold and sky stones are the most important gaming currencies that you will need in the game to progress more rapidly.


The next thing that you can do to have more fun in the Epic Seven game is a transmission of heroes. This will be very helpful and will fetch you more gaming money viz. gold and stones. But it is more important to know the fact that heroes must be grade 3 or higher for such transactions. Only for these particular heroes, this trick will be working. Here grade means 3 stars or upper level of the heroes. This money can be utilized to earn more skills for the present heroes and make them more compatible.

Summon mileage

This is a distinguishing feature under which you will be getting a chance to earn a gold transmit stone. To earn that you should increase the frequency of summoning the heroes. More you summon the heroes and closer you get to transmit stone. At the maximum point, you will be allotted transmit stone.

Power up your heroes

There are some particular steps that you can follow and increase the power of your heroes. This may not be an easy task will be taking a bit longer but there are many rewards that you can enjoy with it. You should try to do this more often.

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Awakening of hero

There are many attributes that a particular hero has. However, they will not be an inactive condition all the time. For this, you need to make the efforts and awake the hero. This will make him more useful for you.

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