Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk Hacked Download for Android

If you are interested in enjoying the fighting games then you should consider dragon ball legends. The game is providing lots of entertaining elements. Here, the players need to create their own teams by adding specific characters. There are various characters available. All characters have some unique skills and abilities.

Dragon Ball Legends Tutorial


The players are able to face challenges in the form of real-time players. You should form some effective strategies that can help you in defeating the opponents quickly and getting success. With it, you can see different types of modes in the game. In all modes, you need to put efforts in a different way.

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Tips to play

  1. Focus on the character selection

For getting success in the game, the players need to win battles first. The performance in the battles is completely based on the selection of characters. You should try to consider the way of best character with lots of useful skills & abilities.

You need to choose up to 3 characters for the battle. Here, the players need to be careful and try to make the decision wisely by which they can choose the team of best characters.

  1. Take advantage

If you get a turn to attack first then you should take its proper advantage. In case you have a character that has the ability to stun then consider it first. By stunning the opponents you can lead to inactivity and get lots of advantages. Some players choose the way of only causing damage. You should try to think strategically.

  1. Complete the missions

Some features of in-game items or stuff are locked with the progress level. For unlocking such elements, you are required to focus on various factors such as – completing the missions. By completing the missions, you can increase the profile level and unlock the features.


  1. Upgrade the characters

Results of the battles are completely based on the characters. If your characters are not strong enough then you are not able to get success by winning the battles. Here, you should try to upgrade the characters for making their skills better and creating a powerful team.

  1. Pay attention to funds

The game is designed with the addition of different types of funds. The funds can be used for unlocking some useful items and unique things. Mainly these funds are Zeni and Tickets. For gathering the funds, you should try to send characters to the adventure.

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