Bus Rush 2 Mod Apk Hack Unlimited Money & Coins Android

Play365’s Bus Rush 2 Subway edition is a famous game for iOS and Android that is offering a great number of features and impressive gameplay.

Earning coin is the primary thing here and if you don’t know how to progress faster, then this Bus Rush 2 Guide is definitely going to help you out.

Bus Rush 2 Gameplay and Tutorial

Let’s begin with the major tips and tricks that you must focus on.

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Playing Online

There are two modes in this game where you can choose the online mode to get additional tweaks. You may be using the game in offline mode due to numerous ads in it, but they are not going to cause issues while playing the game. So, you will get flawless gameplay without a single issue, and it is highly reliable to prefer. When you watch ads, you get a double bonus, and it is highly reliable to prefer.

Colliding With Bus Sides

It is necessary that you collide with the bus sides in the right way. The better option is to focus on the right timing. When the bus is near, and it is going to collide, you should swipe is the empty side. It can be hard to find the right timing but after a couple of months, you can get rid of all with ease, and it is helpful.

Completing More Missions

There are plenty of amazing missions to try out, and those are really helpful to earn more resources and unveiling better abilities. Let’s begin with the missions section as you can find in the popular game subway surfer. It becomes easy to progress when you are completing more and earning more coins.


Jumping Tricks

Jumping shoes can enhance the jumping abilities and bring so many Bus Rush 2 tricks to the game. However, jumping too much can be harmful, and you can collide with other objects. If you want to avoid getting into any issue, try to limit your excessive jumping and focusing on the right time. Everything will be easier, and you can try it out without a single issue.

Daily Reward

You are getting the daily reward on the daily login. Make sure that you don’t break the streak and open the game on a daily basis to earn more currencies. It is easier and highly reliable option to opt for. Hope, this method will come handy to fulfill your need and earning more.

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