Bid Wars: Pawn Empire Mod Apk Energy, Gold, Powerups Unlimited

Bid Wars is the trending game, and you may have seen so many advertisements for this game. Tapps games really developed an amazing game with amazing features and positive reviews all around.

If you are playing this game but you are not able to progress faster then don’t worry because you can follow the basic tips and go well.

Bid Wars Tutorial

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  1. Earning Maximum Profit

As you know that you have to spend currencies on the purchase of auction stuff and you have to keep this fact in mind that you don’t bid excessively. As you are done with the purchase of a unit, then you have to sell it out. In case you are selling the stuff on higher rate then it is your profit otherwise you will lose.

  1. Proper Examining

Taking a close look at everything in the unit plays an important role and make sure that you don’t miss this tip at any condition otherwise chances of getting into issues are higher lately. Let’s begin with the proper examination which matters a lot. Check out all the things that seem expensive, and you can get the perfect unit by this method.

  1. Reputation Level

You have to focus on the reputation because it matters a lot. If you want to gain more reputation, then you have to be selective in approach and always get a big profit. If you are not able to distinguish between common items and rare one, then you are not going well for sure. Reputation is used to access the locked feature and other stuff. It is highly reliable, and you can try it out.


  1. Leveling Up

If you are trying to level up but you are not capable of that then you should focus on more profit. Keep on spending time on the rare stuff and if you are not able to do it then make sure that you focus on the profit from rare stuff. The more profit you earn, the better you go and complete level. It is absolutely easy.

  1. Auction

The main part of this game is an auction, and you have to focus on an opponent that how much he/she big. If the amount is really high, then don’t be fooled and try to big high too. Use your calculation and know that which item is rare and precious. It will help you go well.

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