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Best Fiends is a puzzle based game with the multiplayer concept. The players are competing against other real-time players. With all these things, there are lots of impressive and unique features added. The most important feature is related to the guild.

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You are able to join the guild or create own. Mainly the guilds are the groups of players from different parts of the world. Becoming a part of a guild can help you in several ways such as – getting support from guild members. With all these things, you need to follow some specific tips and tricks for playing it in an impressive way.

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  1. Collect freebies

The game is designed with the addition of a specific reward system. The reward system is working by providing different types of free rewards and lots of other benefits. Some players forget to claim the rewards, and due to it, they are not able to grab the opportunity.

You should not forget to claim such rewards. You should access the reward system on a daily basis and claim all rewards properly.

  1. Participate in events

While playing it, you are able to access different types of features. All these features are becoming helpful in several ways. By participating in the events, the players can get an opportunity to claim a big amount of currency as the reward. When you are going to participate in the events, then you face some real-time players as the opponents.

  1. Proper upgrades

Some players are paying attention to upgrades. In reality, the way of upgrading in-game stuff can help you in several ways such as – improving efficiency. For upgrading the fiends, you need to collect some cards. The cards can be collected by considering the way of chests and some other sources. By upgrading the fiend, you are able to improve the stats of cards with ease.

  1. Be careful

When you are going to make a move, then you should be careful. A wrong move may lead to lots of issues such as – you may get failed. For completing the levels, you need to be focused on various elements.


Generally, these elements are related to the limits regarding moves and time.

  1. Spend funds carefully

In the different stages of the game, you need to consider the way of currencies. You should be careful when it comes to spend funds. Do not waste currency for performing unnecessary activities.

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