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Ketchapp studio is coming up with some of the best games these days like Ballz High Score. You can find that all the games are simple, easy to play but hard to master. The graphics are not the best, but you get impressive gameplay where the banner ads are worst.

This game has lots of positive reviews, and if you love to play this one, then you may know that becoming the best gamer is not easy.

BALLZ High Score Tutorial

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By following this guide, you can learn some of the basic tips that can provide you with more resources and help with it.

  1. Choose Ball from Right Angle

It is really important that the angle you are choosing to shoot the ball matters a lot. If you are shooting directly to bricks, then only a few of them will be destroyed. But, there is an alternative that can come handy and fulfill your need. You should focus on the perfect angle where the balls get into the closed area, and then they keep on hitting each other. This method is highly reliable.

  1. Take Down more Bricks with More Balls

There are flashing circles in the game which are mostly behind the bricks. Make sure that you always target them. If you are getting more balls, then it becomes easy to take down the higher number of bricks. It is not an easy thing until you focus on the right angle. If you are hitting the bottom surface of bricks, then they are coming back to you very soon.

  1. Ball Bounce Trick

If you are capable of making your balls bounce, then it becomes easier to progress faster. Wondering that to do it? Well, you should trap balls in between many bricks. Now the balls will be clearing a maximum number of bricks by colliding from one surface to another. It will work perfectly, and you can try it out now and go well.


  1. Don’t Hit Floor

As mentioned before that if you are hitting the floor surface then the balls will come back at the same angle, and they are gone now. In other words, you should try to trap balls in the closed areas. It will help you take down more bricks, and it is a reliable option.

  1. Trying out Different Balls

You can find that the latest update has many other balls and you can try out different balls. By this method, it becomes really easier to get rid of maximum bricks, and it is highly reliable. So, you should try it out now and progress faster.

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