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Badland 2 is the mobile title from frogmind and it is popular due to extremely awesome graphics and great design. You can download this game absolutely free and without any issue. The game is available for iOS and android for free. You have to focus on the download and everything is done after that.

Being the best gamer isn’t an easy thing because there are lots of factors requiring your attention along with the in-game currencies.

Badland 2 Tutorial

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If you want to get rid of all and earn sufficient amount then the below given are top 6 Badland 2 tips which can fulfill your need with ease. Let’s begin the basics to get started.

  1. Being Quick is Necessary

Not all the games require you to smash the button but this time, you have to be quick and try to attack rapidly. It is all about your speed and your playing style. The faster you hit opponent, the better you go in this game and chances of progressing faster increases that’s why you can try it out and rely on it. There are power-ups which can come handy and fulfill your need to progress on faster speeds.

  1. Mistakes can help

Every single mistake you done in this game is going to teach you something and it is the reason that you should learn from whatever you do in it. From the selection of right character to battle against opponent, you have these factors that can easily make you one of the best gamer in small period of time. Along with this tip, you have the in-app purchases and you need to spend wisely.

  1. Spending currencies wisely

Most of the gamers don’t pay attention to the currencies in the beginning but do you know that this tip is as important as the first one where you have to be quick. Start earning a great amount of currencies and it will help you get rid of opponent and going well. The better you earn, the better you progress in the game and this is the major reason that you should focus on currencies.

  1. Replay

One of the best option offered in this game is to replay levels and it work absolutely perfect. However, if you prefer the replay option, you are going to learn from mistake. Begin by checking out all your mistakes and then learning from them. It is always time consuming but you can rely on this method and learn lots of things with ease.


  1. Obstacles

You may not know that the obstacles in the game can be moved. There are hundreds of gamers who feel stuck in such stages because they don’t know that how to get rid of all those obstacles. But, there is no need of worrying about a single thing. By moving all the obstacles, you can go ahead and without any issue. It is the crucial thing in most of the stages that’s why you must focus on it and you will be able to progress faster.

  1. Terrain

If you are fearing of terrain then you are not able to progress. To avoid such things, you should start getting of it and going ahead. By this method only, you are able to progress and it work perfectly without any issue. But, you should stay selective and try to get rid of opponent.

Bottom Line

Hope this guide will come handy to reach on the top of Badland 2 and getting rid of every issue with ease. Make sure that you stay selective in approach and follow all the tips wisely to go well.

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