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The Adventure Time Run is a highly popular game that is in the trending list from a long time where the gameplay is the major reason behind the popularity. You can get this game absolutely free. The goal is to save the candy kingdom and other places. There are two major currencies that are requiring the most of your attention.

The coin is the primary currency, and it is easy to earn whereas the gems are premium and they are too much typical to earn. But, there is no need to worry about it.

Adventure Time Run Tutorial

We are offering you some easy to follow Adventure Time Run tips that can help with faster progression and becoming the top-notch gamer. Make sure that you follow all the tips wisely and then it becomes easy to earn more coins and gems.

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  1. Upgrading Wisely

Most of the gamers don’t pay attention to the HP while upgrading but keep this fact in your mind that HP will help keep you going. You just try to upgrade wisely and prioritize HP as the primary upgrade otherwise chances of getting into issues are higher lately.

You have an attack, defense, unique skills and many other things but they can set you trouble. Avoiding them can be harmful that’s why you must be focusing on those factors also. HP will help to reduce the damage that’s why it is the primary factor to take into consideration.

  1. The Boulder Dodging Portal

If you want to progress faster and don’t want to get into any kind of issue, then make sure that you do not get into the boulder dodging portal. It can be harmful, and you won’t be progressing faster as you want to.

You can open the portals and run many mini-games to earn more bonuses. If you want to go into these portals, then such options can work too, but you should try to avoid all of them. It can take the monotony of endless running, and the mini-games can frustrate you in most of the cases.

  1. Jake’s Quest is Vital

Most of the gamers don’t know that Jake’s Quest is really important and it requires attention to all the factors for sure. If you are completing more quests, then you are earning more rewards, and it is an easy option also. It can make your character in the top shape, and it is the primary treasure of all the upgrades.


You can find that Jake’s quests at the top left a corner of the main screen and it is definitely going to ease up the work. The icon that looks like Jake will take you to the quests. Just tap on that, and you will begin to complete new levels or challenges. It allows you to earn a big amount from profit and it is a highly reliable option to opt for.

  1. Upgrading Treasures

The last fact of this game is to upgrade all the treasures and if you don’t know how then keep two things in mind. It is sure that you will be getting a health boost, and other also. There are total three slots of treasure to spend your currencies.

You should check out the benefit of upgrades and then focus on the right one which will be fulfilling your needs effectively. In other words, you should focus on regular upgrades. It can enhance the chances of winning and getting rid of all the issues.

Hope that these Adventure Time Run tricks will be effective to progress faster and becoming the best gamer in the nick of time.

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